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Aluminium collapsible tubes

¦µ11 mm aluminium collapsible tube
¦µ12.7 mm aluminium collapsible tube
¦µ13.5 mm aluminium collapsible tube
¦µ16 mm aluminium collapsible tube
¦µ19 mm aluminium collapsible tube

WenLing ShenHua Daily Chemical Products Co.,Ltd. be located in Wen Ling City Tai Zhou City Zhejiang Province, the specialized production aluminium collapsible tube , produce history already having 18 yearsӣ
Our equipment advanced , owns full-automatic 26 aluminium hose production lines , efficiency to reach 700 million every year. Our aluminium circle movie owning self produces a company, from the headstream has ensured aluminium collapsible tube massӣ

The aluminium collapsible tube specification that we produce has£ŗ¦µ11mm£¬¦µ12.7mm£¬¦µ13.5mm£¬¦µ16mm£¬¦µ19mm£¬¦µ22mm£¬¦µ25mm£¬¦µ28mm£¬ ¦µ30mm£¬¦µ32mm£¬¦µ35mm£¬¦µ38mm£¬¦µ40mm”£Can produce the aluminium collapsible tube becoming the heal , Open-ended or pointed mouth, coating and the tail are sticky and within energy Shi”£
You can use our aluminium tube to pack adhesive , shoe polish , pigment , toothpaste , medicines and chemical reagents , cosmetics etc ӣ
Specification and quality requirement of us to product is always the same from first to last very strictly, being persistent, procedure of production observe technical norms , carry out handicraft discipline strictly, defend standard authority of checkout; We are hit by in management process , are abide by ISO9001 quality control system conscientiously , are ensure that all aluminium collapsible tube process gets the mass guaranteeӣ
Our aluminium collapsible tube already exports to countries such as USA (have four customers who work together over a long period of time in USA) , Argentina , Brazil , United Kingdom , Poland , Russia , Pakistan , Iran , Turkey , Vietnam , Thailand , Bengal , Egypt , Nigeria , exit amounts reach 200 million aluminium collapsible tube every year. Have fine credit within industryӣ
Our customer who welcomes the old and new pays a visit to examination to the companyӣ

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¦µ25 mm aluminium collapsible tube
¦µ35mm aluminium collapsible tube
¦µ19 mm support aluminium collapsible tube
Pointed end tube sample
Cap sample

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